• Lives in Sunnyvale.

    I'm a software engineer and gearhead that enjoys solving technical problems and shipping high quality code. I'm currently looking for a software engineering role at a company in an industry that is more aligned with my interests, ie. automotive, education, healthcare, investing, and transportation.


    I'm a lifelong learner that is not afraid to try new things and put in the work. I graduated with a BS in Computer Science from Marist College in 2014 while working full time for Big Switch Networks. Since then I have taken several Udacity courses, made a 3D printable object search engine with Cody Wilson, built a cryptocurrency mining service, tutored AP CS students, worked on locals' Honda S2000s, and began my own YouTube channel.

  • My Work Experience

    Companies I've worked with include:

    Platform Software Engineer

    Big Switch Networks | March 2014 - Present

    - Architected and implemented "zero touch networking" features for release of Big Monitoring Fabric product.

    - Coded the lifecycle infrastructure and REST API endpoints for controller SSL certificate management in Java.

    - Engineered TACACS and RADIUS authentication/authorization plugins and schema-driven RBAC permissions.

    - Implemented a management network IP address allocation feature that relieved customer reliance on DHCP.

    - Built a feature that generated and managed SSH key-pairs across the cluster and fabric for elegant switch SSH access.


    Technical Marketing Engineer

    Big Switch Networks | Sept 2013 - March 2014

    Built Big Switch’s most powerful marketing and sales tool, BSNLabs. A web portal written in Ruby On Rails that extended the work I did during my internship as an open source software engineer. I took on this role so that I could stay in Silicon Valley while I finished my Bachelor's degree.

    Software Engineering Intern

    Big Switch Networks | Feb 2013 - Sept 2013

    Saved sales organization time and money by building a command line tool and infrastructure for immediately test driving hands on product demos.

    OpenFlow Research Intern

    IBM | April 2013 - Feb 2013

    - Developed “Avior”, a networking testing and monitoring tool for the Floodlight OpenFlow controller. Used Java SWT to

    build the GUI and used asynchronous HTTP libraries for efficient REST API communication.

    - Developed “Port Down Reconciliation”, a Java based Floodlight controller module that traces network paths recursively

    in reverse order and deletes network flow rules in response to port/link failures.

  • My Hustle

    DIY Guys

    I create clear and concise do it yourself videos while wrenching on my Honda S2000 in hopes of inspiring others to pick up wrenches.


    Built a crypto currency mining pool that automatically switched between alt-coins to maximize profit. Built the web and app layer using Ruby on Rails, Memcached, and PostreSQL. Also built a distributed layer of 30+ crypto coin API servers with heavy use of virtualization and Capistrano for frictionless scale and deployment. Came out profitable!


    DEFCAD.com was a search engine for 3D printable models envisioned by Cody WIlson. I worked alongside Cody Wilson and took DEFCAD from an idea to a reality. Built the site with Ruby on Rails, Nginx, Unicorn, Elastic Search, Memcached, and MySQL.

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